Progrock-ikonet Fish kommer til Norge i oktober – for aller siste gang.

Den hyllede artisten, vokalisten, musikeren, frontmannen og låtskriveren annonserer nå avskjedsturneen «Road To The Isles». Han sier farvel etter fire tiår med hits, minner og turneen. Han har samlet et stjernelag av musikere, og lover låter fra de tolv soloalbumene, samt fra tiden sin i Marillion.

«Nominating a tour as a ‘farewell tour’ has a certain amount of gravitas, and I’m so glad that I have managed to bring together a ‘best of’ line up of musicians from across my live career to come out on the bus with me on my final sortie out on the road. They’re not just highly talented musicians but old friends and co-writers of some of the finest songs I’ve released in the 35 years as a solo artist. It feels more like a Hollywood movie of veterans getting back together for one final mission rather than a rock and roll tour and the personalities and characters involved will ensure it’s going to be fun both on and off stage.

I don’t want to be sticking to the same setlist every night and there are so many potential songs for the set we all felt that having a moveable feast was the way forward. We are rehearsing around 25 -30 songs to give us enough material to bring in and out of the set when we want, which keeps it interesting and fun for us as well as the fans who won’t know what songs will be played on the night they come to. The setlist will be covering 12 solo albums and of course there will be material from my time with Marillion. There’s a few epics from that time that I’d be remiss if I ignored and to be honest, I’m actually looking forward to revisiting a couple of those tracks. The band members have all played them at one time or another and are all more than capable of delivering fantastic renditions across the board. It’s going to be actually quite exciting revisiting a lot of the material with this historical line-up.»
– Fish

  • —Rockefeller | Oslo

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  • —Byscenen | Trondheim

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