Norwegian rap duo Karpe consists of audiovisual artists Chirag Rashmikant Patel and Magdi Omar Ytreeide Abdelmaguid. They are the biggest act in Norway – always raising the bar when it comes to audiovisual concepts, productions, and releases. They have produced hit after hit, received a bunch of awards and made both headlines and history with their spectacular live shows and ambitious ideas.

In 2022 they released their latest musical project, Omar Sheriff. A universe that is packed full of tributes and nods to their background (Chirag being of Indian -and Magdi being of Egyptian origin). It is present sonically, in references, in lyrics and in all the visual content. They mix Norwegian with Arabic, Gujarati and English in a way no one has done before them.

Following the critically acclaimed release, they once again made concert history when they teamed up with Quickstyle – the legendary global dance crew, that went viral with their famous wedding show earlier this year, for their most spectacular show yet. A record breaking residency in Oslo Spektrum Arena – ten shows in one month, 111 000 tickets sold (an all time record in the arena).

The band and the crew are both children of a generation of immigrants and refugees from all over the world, who fled to Norway to create a home. Now, their next generation have made «Omar Sheriff» together – a multi-cultural project who unites and includes. And most definitely entertains. Together they create an infectious and truly unique energy, and now they are taking on Europe.